Weed Control for a More Beautiful Yard

Effective weed control in Richmond relies on a year round year strategy. Weeds germinate and sprout at different times and under different conditions. Sharp Landscaping has the experience unique to Central Virginia and the Richmond Metro areas to solve your weed problem and keep them away!

Dandelion in the grass in Richmond VA

Our Strategy for a Weed Free Lawn

Weed control begins with proper cultural practices to strengthen the turf, which will prevent weed growth. We recommend turf being cut at a minimum of 3.5 inches.

If weeds then pop up, we can spot-treat or blanket the turf to control the weeds. There are two main types of weeds-broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions, chickweed, and clover, or weedy grasses, such as nimblewill, crabgrass, and goosegrass. 

The best treatment for weeds occurs when they are in their active growth period, so we treat them when they are in season. We also recommend the use of preemergents, which are applied before weeds emerge as a barrier to their growth, to control weedy grasses.