Irrigation Is the Life Blood of Any Yard

Richmond is located in a place on the East Coast where there are times of lots of rain and times of little to no rain. It's those times of little to no rain that takes a toll on your lawn, bushes and trees. The drought like conditions we see annually severely damages otherwise fantastic yards here in Richmond. Protect your investment by having us design and install the irrigation system that will keep your yard looking fantastic year round.

Water Sprinkler in Richmond VA

Richmond's Irrigation and Sprinkler Experts

Sharp Landscaping carries only the best sprinkler and irrigation equipment and supplies. Our sprinkler heads are designed to last for years problem free. Our irrigation design experts carefully evaluate your property, assess the vegetation, and determine the water needs of your yard. We then evaluate your water access to determine flow rates as well as water pressure availability. These help us to set the boundary conditions necessary to design a reliable, problem-free irrigation system.

Once the design is complete, our expert installers come out to your property to quickly and carefully install the irrigation system with a minimum amount of damage to your yard. We only use the highest grade sprinkler equipment and supplies. This makes the job quicker, easier and, thus, less expensive for you. At the same time, this ensures you get the best possible irrigation system for your yard. We will review with you our plans every step of the way so you can have a clear understanding of what we are doing and why. At Sharp Landscaping, you can rest assured you are getting the best possible attention and care.