Lawn Fertilization Programs Designed for Richmond

We know effective lawn fertilization takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach. A soil and grass-type assessment needs to be done before determining the exact fertilizer mix. Your lawn type, grass species, yard size, and soil quality all play a role in the nutritional needs of your lawn. Richmond is known for its wide variety of lawn conditions. You cannot have a lush, green lawn without a proper fertilization program.

Fertilized lawn grass in Richmond VA

Lawn Fertilizing in Richmond Is Not an Easy Thing!

The type of turf grass in your yard dictates the timing of turf treatments for optimal growth. Fertilizing at the wrong times can cause damage or could prevent nutrient uptake.

Proper fertilization is key in creating a beautiful, thick, green lawn. We offer soil sampling services, which provide a chemical analysis of pH and multiple elements necessary for plant growth. Knowing this enables us to determine the chemical makeup of the fertilizer to use on your lawn. 

We offer various fertilization options, such as traditional synthetic fertilizers and more environmentally friendly products such as sea kelp, humic acid, carbon and mycorrhizae.  By fertilizing at the right time and in the correct amounts, we can do our part in helping to maintain the environmental health of the James River and the Chesapeake Bay and other watersheds downstream.