Keep Your Yard From Turning Into a Jungle!

Sharp Landscaping can prune your trees and trim your bushes to transform your yard from a jungle into a living space you'll love. We have a pruning system designed just for Richmond and Central Virginia. Our pruning system comes with a year round pruning and trimming schedule designed for you and your plants.

Pruned bushes in Richmond VA

Pruning and Shearing in Richmond Is Critical

Plants grow incredibly fast in Richmond. This is both a blessing and a curse. It's great when your hedges achieve the height you dreamed when they were first planted. However, unchecked, they will quickly become out of control as they continue to grow past what you want. Without an effective pruning and shearing plan, your Richmond yard will quickly become a jungle. Believe us, we've seen it too many times.

Our landscape experts will keep your bushes, hedges and trees pruned and trimmed. Pruning and shearing will keep your yard both attractive and healthy.Healthy bushes and trees require regular pruning. This removes dead or dying branches while, at the same time, producing life-giving energy to the remaining plant so it will continue to thrive for years to come.