Lawn Seeding Is Critical to Get the Lawn of Your Dreams

Lawn seeding is one of the best ways to ensure a thick, weed free lawn. Regular reseeding helps to maintain grass that fills all the exposed soil in your yard. This staves off the possibility of weeds taking a foothold in those exposed areas and growing throughout your yard. Sharp Landscaping's proven lawn seeding technique and timeline has been developed over the years right here in Richmond. 

Well seeded lawn in Richmond VA

The Correct Seed Does Matter

We use blue tag certified Tall fescue, Zoysia, and Bermuda seed, which is golf course quality, and we seed at the correct rates. When growing seed, water is of immeasurable importance, especially within the first 14 days, and we may need to supplement nature with irrigation. We also highly recommend topdressing when seeding and in thin or bare areas to supplement organic matter and nutrients. When reseeding, it is the optimal time to readjust nutrient deficiencies in the soil.

Zoysia and Bermuda are slow-growing seeds, so generally we recommend plugs or sod if you want to go that route.  Tall fescue sod can be more cost effective than seeding because sod prevents erosion and will be more likely to hinder weed growth. The provision of water is also exceptionally important when establishing sod.