Lawn Aeration Service in Richmond Metro

The conditions in Richmond and Central Virginia can make growing grass problematic. Having a lush lawn requires specific cultural practices and a well-planned treatment program. When soil becomes too compacted or when the thatch layer is too thick, the roots are unable to absorb water, oxygen, and necessary nutrients to flourish.  Core aeration remedies this by allowing oxygen back into the soil and promoting the availability of nutrients and water for uptake by plants, encouraging germination of seed and proper root development.  We use commercial grade, high quality machines designed to maximize the aeration benefit. 

Yard core aerator in Richmond VA

About Dethatching

Additionally, we offer dethatching, which is necessary when the thatch layer is more than 2 inches thick.  Dethatching improves oxygen levels and prevents fugal and pathogenic invasion that can occur when the thatch layer becomes too thick.