Richmond, Short Pump & Henrico Lawn Maintenance


Your yard deserves to look this sharp!



We specialize in the maintenance of cool-season and warm-season grass, such as tall fescue and zoysia. A soil sample is an excellent way to diagnose issues with the soil so that we can outline a custom program for each property.

We use Blue-Tag Certified, golf course quality tall fescue seed. We offer an organic fertilizer and bio nutrient, which provides concentrated compost tea, kelp, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, protozoa, fungi and additional living organisms to help with water and nutrient intake, which promotes root and plant growth. This product truly energizes and brings your soil back to life and is human-, pet-, and watershed-friendly.


We do use a non-organic weed control and pre-emergent to kill unwanted weeds and help prevent germination of unwanted weeds, unless a client chooses to opt out.

We Apply The Right Amount of Weed Control for Your Lawn

We take great pride in applying the correct amount of fertilizer and seed needed for the square footage on each individual property. Too much of either product can result in burning of the leaf tissue or the seed suffocating itself during the spring’s final till process (that’s where the blade of grass fills out or widens) and not enough would create a discoloring or a lack of thickness.

Each fall, we provide a thorough core aeration of each property to allow the most seed to penetrate the soil. This is the only time tall fescue should be cut between 2.5”- 3” because it allows the seed to penetrate the soil and holes from the core aeration to give the seed plenty of time to germinate before the first cut. It also allows us to thatch (ripping out old and dead grass) or prep unwanted areas.

In any of the bare or thinner areas we recommend a compost as a top dressing which helps with quicker germination, holding water and adding some more organic matter to the soil. You deserve to have a SHARP looking turf.

Please feel free to call or contact us with your landscaping or turf maintenance questions.

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